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On this page we show you how you can set up your NOW Live & on-demand account for all devices (browser of smartphone, laptop, computer, ipads, TV as well as iOS and Android App).

To start go here and click on the button "Only CHF 29/month", see black arrow, at the bottom of the page. 

Choose "Monthly membership (7-Day free trial)", see black arrow. 

Create your account, see black arrow and step 1-4.

Insert your credit card number, valid date and CVC number, see black arrow on the left and apply your discount code, see black arrow on the right. 

Hura! You have now access to daily live-stream Fitness inspired Meditation classes as well as 150+ video and audio meditations. Enjoy it at home or on the go. 

You can use this account on all devices.

To use your account in NOW Fitness inspired Meditation App, take your smartphone, go back to the first page, scroll down and click on iPhone or android, depending on what you are using, see black arrows. Alternatively, you can find the app over App Store or Play Store. In NOW app you can login with the same account you have just created.

Questions? We are happy to help - write us here or call us on +41 44 999 7000.


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